Our Projects Division holds various projects of different scales ranging from Hospitality to Residential. All our teams are prepared to provide both creative and functional solutions supported by solid know-how accumulated in the field by both managing and installing our productions.
Based in Portugal and with offices in London and Dubai, our teams oversee all stages of the projects, from shop drawing to installation, so your project can be completed as specified.

The Image and 3D Visualization department allow us to materialize all aspects of each project giving us a detailed feel of every material specified. Our extensive library of fisical materials that encompass veneers, fabrics, stones, mirrors, metals and natural raw materials, allow our clients a comfortable and reliable choice when its time to decide all details and finishes of each project. Such a degree of specialization, together with the permanent follow up with our productive units allows us to offer such wide range of solutions and variations.

Our Installation teams combine specialists from such diverse areas as carpentry, metalworks, electricity, special finishings, etc, and have carried out installations of hospitality, residential, naval and commercial projects, ensuring the utmost professionalism in all stages of implementation.
Due to the unique characteristics of the projects entrusted to us, our teams are composed of highly trained professionals with outstanding conduct, as required by the profile of our clients.