IDEZI-CONCEPT is a company based in Portugal with offices in London and Dubai, that operates in the large hospitality projects area. IDEZI is proud to have an accumulated experience of 40 years and a large number of productions installed in over 70 countries on all continents.

IDEZI promptly responds to all production and installation requirements in furniture, carpentry, upholstery, panelling, and coverings together with planning, shop drawing, 3D and prototyping services.

We are a true partner for your projects.

IDEZI-CONCEPT is the result of the combination of several productions units, that joined together to achieve productive capability and combine their accumulated experience.

Originally operating solely in the furniture area, IDEZI gradually expanded to upholstery and later to metalworks. Due to circumstances surrounding the complexity of some projects the company faced the need for an Image and 3D department along with the establishment of a formal planning and logistics area.

Our Industrial complex in permanent expansion allowed the company to grow and accommodate larger and more demanding projects, consolidating its reputation and creating solid and enduring relations with its clients.